Summer 2021

*Please check this pages as this is where we will keep updates about Summer 2021 and the upcoming months.


We know in these crazy times nothing that is certain. We don't know what the next day will bring whether it be the end of COVID-19 or further restrictions on how we live our daily lives. As you can imagine this has drastically affected "Power Sports" as we are a summer business that has large groups of people come together.


Thankfully we were able to run a few camps in the crazy that was 2020. Thank you to all of you who trusted us with your children and we were so blessed to be able to have that opportunity. As we look forward to the future we again do not know what tomorrow will look like. As of now (February) the summer is looking great. We will not have as many opportunities for camp as all churches and communities are different. We want to respect those churches that do not feel comfortable with camp but we are excited to be able to partner with most of the churches that we had planned to partner with in 2020.


We are excited to offer a new option for camp in 2021. With the uncertainty of what the Summer holds we are offering a new option called "Refund Insurance". For $25 dollars you can purchase refund insurance much like an airline ticket. If the insurance is not purchased we will offer a camp credit but no monetary refund will be given. We hope this option will help give you some peace of mind when signing up for camps.


We are excited for Summer 2021 and all the fun it will hopefully bring. Thank you for your continued support. Please check back here will we will post any updates for the Summer 2021 season.