Summer 2020 and COVID-19

*Please check this pages as this is where we will keep updates about Summer 2020 and the upcoming months


We know in these crazy times nothing that is certain. We don't know what the next day will bring whether it be the end of COVID-19 or further restrictions on how we live our daily lives. As you can imagine this has drastically effected "Power Sports" as we are a summer business that has large groups of people come together.


However we are keeping our hopes up. We know that if restrictions are lifted and we move towards the goal of normalcy that childcare will be a very relevant need for many people who have had children stuck at home for the past two months. We are hopeful that we will still be allowed to operate this summer but it is all up to the churches discretion if they feel comfortable offering camp.

Safety is our number one priority and if this summer you do not feel safe having your child attend camp we completely understand. Due to this crisis we have had to alter our refund policy. As a small business if we refunded all registrations we would no longer be able to operate or be able to offer camps 2021. We have upfront expenses that have been payed for.

So as of April 15th, 2020 we will not be offering monetary refunds but will instead be offering a credit towards camp next year. We also understand that you do not know your plans for next summer and aren't even sure if you will be attending camp, so as the 2021 season approaches we will reevaluate our refund policy and hopefully be able to accommodate those who cannot attend camp and need a refund. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns. We will be in contact with churches over the upcoming months and plan to be taking registrations starting in January. 

This is not the refund policy we wanted nor the way we wanted our first summer to happen. We are so thankful for all of you who have signed up and for staying with us through this tough time.

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